Career Expedition
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Note: For the Date of the Event, please do not choose Friday. Fridays are reserved for non-exclusive events that will be participated in by SHS students from various high schools.

The program from 1 to 5 pm will be as follows

(if availing of both career clinic & college fair):

Career Clinic:  1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Break:  3:00 pm to 3:20 pm

College Fair:  3:20 pm to 5:00 pm

*Consultative Sessions:  5:00 pm onwards

*Please advise GuidanceNGO if it is okay to extend

the event beyond 5:00 pm for Consultative

Sessions with Colleges and Universities

to address special concerns of your students.

Notes and Instructions:

Notes to the Career Expedition Event and the Event Confirmation Form (ECF):

1. Students who will participate in the event are required to register thru this Web site by filling out the Event Registration Form (ERF). Conforming to the Data Privacy Act, GuidanceNGO requests that the parents of students who will participate in the event be notified that their children will be giving personal info, specifically their names and e-mail addresses, and that the school will require the parents' consent for their children to join the event.

2. All personal and official information you have indicated on this Event Confirmation Form are held in strict confidentiality and will not be shared with any entity.

3. To facilitate communication between GuidanceNGO and the school, please provide complete information.

4. By clicking SEND below, the school is required to pay a minimal event management fee. The fee will be applied per day of the event, i. e., if Career Expedition will be held in more than one (1) day exclusively for the students of the school, the computation will be: number of days x event management fee = total event management fee. Bank details will be e-mailed to the school.

5. A penalty of PhP2,500 shall be charged to the school if the event is postponed, unless the postponement is due to force majeure, a DepEd-initiated directive, or an LGU (local government unit) directive. GuidanceNGO will await your advice on a new date for the postponed event. A cancellation of the event will automatically result in a penalty of P2,500. Please coordinate this matter with the supervising officer/s of your school to avoid miscommunication.