JuMPStART Seminars

The JuMPStART Seminars

Seminars designed for Kinder to Grade 6 students.


This activity, designed for kindergarten learners, familiarizes attendees with the wonderful world of careers. Pupils are encouraged to dream about what they can become in the future. The facilitator conducts the session using a multimedia presentation that highlights still and animated images about various careers, leading to a story-telling activity where a child named Max, dreams about going to the moon, and is given options to pursue other professions.

Duration: 45 minutes


In this activity, Grade 1 learners are given creative opportunities to express their knowledge of, and interest in various careers. Professions and technical-vocational jobs are discussed in simple language to impress to the students that each type of work is important. Movements, tools, and uniform are used to heighten awareness and recognition of certain careers. Learners are encouraged to make choices about what careers they like and in what careers they may gain a feeling of value as they envision what possible roles they can take in the society.

Duration: 45 minutes


This activity helps Grade 2 learners understand that engaging in a career requires deliberate steps and careful preparation beginning from childhood. Grade 2 learners are reminded of how the people around them can help them identify the best careers for themselves. Aside from the people around them, learners are encouraged to recognize the value of various learning materials and how these can serve as sources of career information. Listening and comprehension skills are emphasized as being of utmost importance as they are taught how to make a career map which can lead them to better career choices.

Duration: 45 minutes


This seminar uses role-modeling and role playing to impress different careers in the minds of Grade 3 learners. Using simple ideas, the facilitator discusses some qualities which are usually regarded as weaknesses but can be sources of strengths. Learners are also taught how to help their fellow Grade 3 learners build self-confidence. They are also introduced to the 6 Primary Career Initiatives which the learners should practice as these initiatives will help them in whatever careers they will choose. Further, the presentation uses fun ideas such as superheroes or memorable characters many children admire to help them understand that even superheroes have weaknesses but they have worked on these weaknesses by transforming them into their strengths.

Duration: 45 minutes


Grade 4 students are taught about job specialization and how each worker has a role in the production process or in finishing a task. Using a well-crafted multimedia presentation, the seminar drives home the point that everyone should find meaning in jobs and careers, and that no matter how lowly some jobs are, they are essential in our everyday lives as we are all connected. All jobs serve to complete chains of processes that if some of them will discontinue, we will not be able to achieve many goals, be it personal or professional.

Duration: 45 minutes


This seminar aids the Grade 5 learners in understanding the big picture where every worker contributes to develop the society and improve lives. Learners are introduced to the idea behind patriotism, why one should show love of one’s country, and how attending to one’s personal challenges can contribute to the growth of the society. Cultural and social challenges are also presented as these can hamper the pursuit of a country’s aspirations. In attending to these challenges, learners are asked to think of ways by which they can use certain careers to address the needs of the society like a lawyer upholding the justice system to deter the commission of crimes, or a scientist finding solutions to prolong life. The learners are encouraged to be motivated by personal excellence as this can contribute to nation-building.

Duration: 45 minutes


Career opportunities become fewer as we make wrong choices in our younger years. Our choices in life can become limited when we make bad decisions. This seminar creatively demonstrates to the Grade 6 learners the grim mortality rate of elementary students finishing high school and graduating from college. It is a wake-up call to those wishing to achieve their dream careers and by addressing the need to focus the learners’ attention on certain overlooked growth concerns, we can help the learners train their eyes on the realities behind academic preparation and employment opportunities. Overall, the seminar confronts the Grade 6 learners with challenges in making practical preparations if they want to excel in their chosen careers.

Duration: 45 minutes