About the Seminars

Summary of the Seminars

The JuMPStART Seminars

JuMPStART is a developmental career orientation program designed for Kinder to Grade 6 students and their parents. JuMPStrART stands for Journey, Materials, Plans, Strenghts, Appreciation, Responsibilities, and Transitions modules intended for each Kinder to Grade 6 students.

The ANCPAG Seminars

ANCPAG is a developmental career orientation program designed for high school students and their parents. It is our belief that students and parents who are oriented on key aspects of higher education and careers within each level of junior and senior high school can make more sensible decisions. ANCPAG stands for Choices, Paths, Assessment, and Goals—Seminar modules intended for each junior high school year level with the addition of two modules entitled Adaptation and Navigation, to address the two years of senior high school under the K-12 curriculum.

The PrEPARE Seminars

PREPARE is a developmental series of Seminars intended to help tertiary students deal with the most fundamental yet unrelenting issues they face in college. Their existence within the university campus is coupled with problems as they transition from their teenage years to adulthood. We deem the campus as a channel to learn the know-hows of the industry, without relegating the virtue of maturity as the core of college education. PREPARE is an acronym of the ten modules designed to meet this goal: Pre-employment Preparation, Pressure Management, Practical Financial Literacy Seminar for College Students, Responsive Work Ethics and Workplace Etiquette for College Students, Raising the Bar in Speech Communication, Enriching Careers after College, Proficiency in the English Language, Attitude Revisited, Reassurance, Acceptance, and Positivity: Addressing College Students’ Low Self-Esteem, and Evaluation for College Freshmen.

The POWER Seminars

The POWER Seminars are intended to help professionals attend to issues in the workplace as well as satisfy or even exceed the competency requirements in their respective fields. The modules included in this series of Seminars complement the existing conditions that shape and define the professional jungle. Personal career aspirations are often hindered by a lack of skill or flawed attitude towards work. As career educators, we believe that professionals encounter various stimuli that can either encourage them to perform or weaken their motivation.

The Supplementary Seminars

The Supplementary Seminars