Supplementary Seminars

The Supplementary Seminars


When can you say one is being bullied? When can you say one is being a bully? What to do with high incidence of bullying in the school?

This Seminar module is designed for students, advisers, guidance counselors, and school staff to understand the real concept of bullying. This intends to help misbehaving students by correcting their mindset and actions towards their schoolmates.

Seminar: 120 minutes


Failing grades? Having a hard time to learn? FOCUS might me be the missing link!

This Seminar helps students to improve their learning ability. Here, the possible causes and effects of lack of focus will be discussed. This also offers tips on how stay focused in order to achieve great academic performance.

Seminar: 120 minutes

Gender Sensitivity

We have lived with our biases about how men and women behave, relate, and act so that it has become difficult for us to see that our wrong thinking about men and women are hurtful and destructive. In response to the campaign of the global community, the government, and the legislature towards the fair treatment of men and women, GuidanceNGO offers the Gender Sensitivity Seminar with a twist of career education. The Seminar hopes to open participants’ minds to the truth that most roles and skills can be taken up or learned by either men or women. If we correct our wrong ideas about what men or women can or can’t do, we can better achieve productive careers and lives. The Seminar identifies the methods used or ideas relied upon to discriminate. Most importantly, the Gender Sensitivity Seminar drives home the advocacy that men and women should be treated fairly at home, in school and training settings, and in the workplace.

Seminar: 120 minutes

College Life

GuidanceNGO’s College Life Seminar prepares a student to experience the best and to brace for the worst in college. It helps the student to choose the most fitting field of study by comprehensively exploring the meanings and classifications of degrees and specializations and majors and minors. It explains the reasons behind the surprising drop-out rate and how to avoid becoming part of it by learning college survival techniques. The Seminar confronts the student with the truth that studying in college can be frustrating if one doesn’t foresee the end of it – the thesis. Successfully maneuvering college life also requires being yourself and being surrounded by positive influences.

Seminar: 120 minutes

Positive Thinking and Empowerment

Worried about students' personality development?

This Seminar helps students who have low self-esteem and who are struggling with emotional intelligence to develop their personality and establish their identity. The 90-minute talk will boost their confidence and will equip them with lifehacks on who to survive high school and college life.

Seminar: 120 minutes

Assessing Your Children’s Career Goals

The Assessing Your Children’s Career Goals, designed for parents of Grades 7 and 8 students, tackles the preparations that parents of students in high school can look into such as academic preparation. How can dismal academic performance of their children affect career choices? It also tackles the financial, physical, and social requirements of careers and how parents can intervene to ensure that their children will meet certain career requirements.

Further, the Seminar aims to address parents’ awareness of their children’s fitness in the aspects of personality, skills, values, interests, and intelligences to take on certain careers.

Seminar: 120 minutes

Career Coaching for Parents in the K to 12 Perspective

Career Coaching for Parents in the K to 12 Perspective, conceived for parents of Grades 9 and 10 students, discusses the importance of understanding the nature of a college program and the skills and preparation required for a student to successfully finish it. Parents do not have to rely on limited opinions, wrong information, and misconceptions. The Seminar tackles what SHS tracks or strands are most recommendable in preparation for particular college programs. By closely examining college programs and SHS tracks and strands, parents and guardians can find out about the subjects being taught and training programs that their children can look forward to in their chosen careers. Further, the Seminar informs parents and guardians about the factors that influence their children’s career choices.

Seminar: 120 minutes

Helping Your Children Navigate Towards Careers from SHS to College

Helping Your Children Navigate Towards Careers from SHS to College, designed for parents of Grades 11 and 12 students, presents what options Grade 11 students have as they plan for the different levels of study and how students can choose the more suitable colleges and universities for their chosen college programs. The Seminar plots a map of crossroads students encounter as they choose career tracks and strands, college programs, or careers from SHS up to graduate school. The Seminar looks into the ABCs of evaluating the merits of higher education institutions thru Accreditation, Board Exam Performances, and CHEd citations, to determine the better performing schools in accordance with the students’ career plans. It also identifies possible wrong sources of school information and how parents can help their children avoid substandard higher education institutions so that their children can maximize their career potentials.

Seminar: 120 minutes