GuidanceNGO Surveys Schools for Face-to-Face Career Expedition Events!

As the pandemic wanes and schools shift back to in-person classes, GuidanceNGO adjusts its events by going back to organizing in-person activities. One of which is Career Expedition, a career clinic and college fair event being attended by senior high school students. 


While many schools, and thousands of students joined the online version of the Career Expedition event for three academic years (2020–2021, 2021–2022, and 2022–2023), it is inevitable that, with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, more in-person version of the event will be conducted. 


However, the number of college programs that will be featured in the Career Expedition events for 2023–2024 has to be reduced. 


In the online version of Career Expedition, GuidanceNGO featured as much as 64 college programs in the Career Clinic segment of the event–engineering, social sciences, literature, health sciences, natural sciences, visual and performing arts, hospitality, and business programs. As many as 250,000 students were able to attend the past online events. 


With the in-person version, this number has to be reduced to 12 which will be done by surveying participants on their preferred careers, and ranking their choices. Their career choices will be short-listed to 12 college programs and these will be featured in the Career Clinic segment where experts will discuss areas of study, skill set that students should develop, college training, and employment opportunities behind the 12 featured careers. 


For the other segment of the event, which is the College Fair, senior high schools will be given the choice of holding plenary talks by each college representative with college booths set up around the venue so that students’ concerns can be directly addressed by the admissions officers of the exhibiting institutions. 


Senior high schools that are interested to hold the Career Expedition event may email or call GuidanceNGO. Contact details of GuidanceNGO are published on this site.