Join GuidanceNGO’s Overseas Education Coaching Seminars!

It is a fact that not all college programs are being offered in the Philippines. Despite Nanotechnology’s prevalence as a college program offered for many years in some Southeast Asian universities, a Philippine university is yet to offer the program. Now, several countries are offering a bachelor’s program in Artificial Intelligence. Will Philippine higher education institutions be able to catch up with foreign universities? The lack of program diversity in the Philippines can be one of the reasons some Filipino students seek opportunities for higher education in other countries. 


GuidanceNGO will hold online seminars on overseas education coaching twice a month from September 2023 to April 2024. Senior high school students from many Philippine schools are expected to attend these online seminars. 


Having partnered with various student recruitment agencies, GuidanceNGO will facilitate online seminars on overseas education. eHub International, an Australian-based international student recruitment agency, will attend to students who are interested in pursuing higher education in Australian colleges and universities. Crimson Education Philippines, another partner agency that is an authority in admissions to elite universities, can assist students who are interested to study in the US or the UK. Lastly, Empire International Education can aid students in knowing the intricacies of applying for post-secondary education in many parts of the world. 


It is possible that after the orientation on overseas education, students can meet the admissions officers of foreign colleges and universities for them to gain better ideas about specific institutions where they may pursue college in 2024!


Senior high schools that are interested to hold overseas education coaching seminars for their students may email or call GuidanceNGO. Contact details of GuidanceNGO are published on this site.