Career Coaching Seminars for Parents of Grade 6 Students in AY 2023–2024

For more than 20 years, GuidanceNGO has been attending to career concerns of students and parents in junior and senior high schools. For the Academic Year 2023–2024, GuidanceNGO has lined up seminars designed for parents of Grade 6 students as opportunities for post-elementary education has not been thoroughly explored. 


Why is this important? 


It is in junior high school when career coaching is formalized as secondary education should be a preparatory stage for higher education. Parents should be oriented on the right secondary education schools where their children’s potentials can be further honed. But there are many kinds of secondary schools. Are parents knowledgeable about the following list of secondary education schools? 


      1. Philippine Science High School 

      2. Regional Science High School 

      3. National Arts-based High School 

      4. Regional Arts-based High School 

      5. Regular DepEd High School 

      6. State/Local College/University High School 

      7. Laboratory School 

      8. Integrated School 

      9. Catholic School 

      10. Private Non-Sectarian High School 

      11. Christian School 

      12. TechVoc-based School 

      13. International School 

      14. Montessori School 

      15. Minor Seminary 

      16. Madrasah School 


The list goes on… 


Another feature of the Career Coaching for Grade Six Parents seminar is the discussion of PEAC-accredited schools and why parents may consider sending their children to high schools that are accredited by PAASCU, PACUCOA, ACSCU-ACI, and other government-recognized accrediting agencies. 


The Career Coaching for Grade Six Parents seminar may be followed by an exhibit of various junior high schools or a Junior High School Fair where parents can interact directly with the admissions officers of the exhibiting junior high schools. 


Public and private elementary schools that are interested to hold the Career Coaching for Grade Six Parents seminar, and junior high schools that would like to exhibit in the Junior High School Fairs are advised to contact GuidanceNGO using the contact details published on this site.