BASIC eBook to be distributed FREE to Parents of Grade 6 students

Thousands of parents are always on the lookout for schools where they can send their children for pre-school, elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. 


BASIC eBook features valuable pieces information about outstanding basic education schools in the Philippines. 


Here are some of them: 

      1. About the School. Parents may need to be familiar with how the school started, its vision/mission, objectives, and core values. 

      2. Basic Education Programs being offered. Some schools may offer certain levels of pre-school, elementary education, and high school. For schools that offer senior high school, what career tracks and strands do they offer? 

      3. Admission Requirements and Qualifications. Some schools may require students to go through admissions tests, interview, etc. Parents will gain better insights on how students are evaluated for admission into the school. 

      4. Tuition. A very important item of information, can some parents afford the school tuition? This item may have its link to a site that shows a table of tuition for various grade levels, terms of payment, and a schedule of settlement. 

      5. Facilities. Parents should gain information about facilities that the school uses in honing their children’s skills. Play, sports, and large-venue facilities are usually featured in this sub-section of the eBook. 

      6. Awards and Citations. How has the school performed in various competitions such as dance, art, or choral competitions? Does the school participate in press conferences? How did the school perform in various aptitude evaluations by the government like the NAT? Are elementary graduates of the school consistent passers in Philippine or regional science high schools, or even an arts-based high school? Are their senior high school graduates consistent passers of the UPCAT, USTET, ACET or DCAT? 

      7. Outstanding Alumni. Students can derive inspiration from the achievements of graduates of a school that it would be interesting to read about them. 


BASIC eBook will be distributed FREE to parents who will attend the Career Coaching for Grade Six Parents seminar that will be conducted in various private and public elementary schools. 


Schools that are interested to be featured in BASIC eBook may get in touch with GuidanceNGO using the contact details published on this site.