GuidanceNGO Holds Career Webinars in Colleges and Workplaces

GuidanceNGO announces its latest programs aimed at expanding the perspectives of college students and professionals on career growth. These programs are geared towards expanding the organization’s advocacy to cover a wider audience.

Starting February 1, 2012, the PrEPARE and POWER career Webinars will be conducted in college campuses and offices. PrEPARE comprises five Webinar modules designed to equip college students in various year levels with strategic approaches to enhance employability and their potentials to take on various career opportunities. These modules are:

• Pre-employment Preparation,

• Enriching Career after College,

• Proficiency in the English Language,

• Attitude Revisited, and

• Evaluation for College Freshmen. 

Read more about PrEPARE Webinars.

The POWER Webinars are conceived to enable professionals in various industries develop fundamental yet relevant attitudes that can ensure relative success in their chosen careers. It has four modules, namely:

• Presentation Overdrive,

• Work Effectualness,

• English Proficiency, and

• Refining and Enriching Careers.

Read more about POWER Webinars.

For Webinar details, please get in touch with Fromark Bacomo at 434.32.15 or 436.94.58 or e-mail